Chunking Drills


The chunking drill exercises work like the Rate Controller – only without the Rate Controller: although these are (mostly) comprehensible texts, your eyes are simply supposed to visually scan the chunks...without rhyme or reason. Keep the following in mind:

  • Chunking drill Exercise #3 contains typical phrases, some of which (especially in the first paragraph) you know inside and out. Typical examples of automatic chunking in everyday life!
  • Chunking drill exercise #4: Use punctuation here to fixate...but stick to purely visual fixations, i.e. without comprehension. (In normal reading, of course, the punctuation marks support the "meaningful chunking"). Some things in this text you can safely leave out, e.g. the proper names at the beginning. 
  • Chunking drill exercise in “Greek”: Here it should be easy for you not to subvocalize anything at all (not even the few German-language sprinkles), right? 

In each case, make sure that you go through the full page – covering all of the chunks, not leaving out anything. Of course, also make sure not to regress under any circumstances; because no comprehension is required, this is especially easy.

Target times for each exercise:

Chunking drills exercise #1, #2, and #3 = 18 seconds

Chunking drills exercise #4 = 25 seconds

Chunking drills exercise #5 and #6 = 30 seconds