One technique per day


Don't worry: You don't have to practice half an hour a day and have all new techniques on your mind at the same time! For the first few weeks after the course, we suggest that you consciously implement one technique once a day. For this, it is best to keep your workbook (classroom course) or the PDF with the course theory (online course) always at hand where you have to read a lot and look into it occasionally. On this MindMap you will find an overview of all course techniques in key words. 

You will find our (German-language) book on the course on your bookshelf even after many years – the perfect reminder of all course techniques, including detailed explanations, exercises and tests.

Tip: Consciously recalling a particular reading technique also improves your concentration while reading. Especially if the text is rather boring, motivate yourself by implementing e.g. peripheral vision, visual comprehension or good chunking (only one technique at a time!) even more consistently. In most cases, reading promptly becomes more fun – regardless of the content!