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Improved Reading and I.I.S.E. – where we come from

For more than 50 years, we have been internationally active as leading Speed Reading trainers, primarily in companies, administration and science, but also in schools.

It is a matter close to our hearts to support people with our experience to better meet the challenges of the information society. Increasing digitalization continuously increases the complexity of the information to be processed and is perceived as one of the main burdens in education and work.

What makes Improved Reading so special is our compact, practice-oriented training program that immediately changes long-standing reading routines, based on logically thought-through didactics. You can train efficient and fast reading with us in a face-to-face seminar on paper or directly on the screen or as an online course including support from an experienced coach.

Improved Reading is an internationally active association that uses the same form and the same system to increase the reading efficiency of its participants worldwide. Originally developed in Australia in 1968 by Dr. Stan Rodgers, the system has been adapted to current scientific findings since 2011 by I.I.S.E. Europe GmbH, based in Eppstein/Germany, together with its partners. I.I.S.E. stands for "International Institute of Social Economics", an institute founded by Prof. Dr. Barrie O. Pettman with the aim of disseminating supportive measures for science and education. Worldwide, the system is represented by franchisees and licensees in their respective countries. The licensing rights and central control are held by I.I.S.E. Europe GmbH, with Wolfgang Schmitz as owner and managing director.

Our offer: Training formats that fit each client’s needs exactly!

We have built up our competencies and tools for online training since 2015. This gives us a wealth of experience on how to combine classic training with online elements or even conduct it completely online. Let us discover together what is the most suitable solution for your organization! Contact us: form at the end of the page.

Webinar + Online Training – Transfer our classroom training 1:1
Training benefit, scope and result for the participants – all implemented for you in a new way: a hybrid of a series of group webinars and individual online training, with personal coaching – upon request targeted to special needs in science.

Pure online version
Train completely and independently on your own – actively supported by a professional coach. You purchase online licenses individually or in cost-effective packages and make them available to participants as needed. They can start the course immediately, without further arrangements.
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On site classroom courses – that is our origin.
At your premises or in a rented seminar room, a group of participants execute the training on paper or on screen. In the on-screen version, we focus on eye-friendly work and smart handling of digital documents.
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"Deep Reading Digital" for mastering sustainably the digital flood of information:
“Deep Reading“ complements the Improved Reading course in view of reading long and difficult texts digitally. The training provides efficient strategies for mental focus and memorization as well as eye relaxation strategies when reading from the computer screen.
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Despite information overload

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Market leader in reading training

> 2 million participants in 50 years


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Leading German consumer safety foundation “Stiftung Warentest” says “good” (3/2015)

Best Speed Reading classroom course


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For all those who pay attention to quality and safety when reading


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All techniques  are scientifically proven


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Average of 40,000 course participants in Germany since 2001

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Do you know how well you read?

Make use of the following comprehension test to get a clear picture of your reading faculties as they are now. Read the text at your normal speed with the aim of understanding it very well, including the details.

As soon as you are ready, please click the button "TEST STARTEN" and then start reading immediately.

When you are done with the text, click the button "ZU DEN FRAGEN" at the bottom of the text to get to the comprehension questions.

Click on the correct answer from your point of view. At the end you will be shown how many "Richtige Antworten" (correct answers) you had and what your "Lesegeschwindigkeit" (reading speed) was. Based on this the system calculates your "Effective Reading Rate", the measured value of your reading efficiency.



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